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Skinbunny's Under Eye Enhancer

£19.99 £39.98


Get 200 applications for the price of just 100!

  • Clinically proven to dramatically reduce wrinkles, bags and dark circles from around the eye area in an instant.
  • If you suffer from under eye bags, wrinkles, crow's feet or you simply want to remove those fine lines our Under Eye Enhancer is the answer.
  • No white residue unlike other brands 
  • Results within 60 seconds and lasting up to 10 hours
  • 30 day money back guarantee.
  • 100% of participants in our in-depth clinical study saw instant results with 100% reporting no irritation whatsover*
  • Perfectly pairs with oil free makeup
  • Not tested on animals. Cruelty free. 
  • Manufactured and dispatched in the UK

*We do recommend patch testing as our Under Eye Enhancer may not be suitable for very sensitive skin).

How to use

Removes bags, wrinkles, puffiness and crows feet in minutes, but lasts for hours

  • skinbunny’s under eye enhancer must be applied to clean, dry, bare skin. Ensure no trace of make-up, moisturisers, cleansers or creams are present.
  • Shake the bottle well. If it appears gritty, shake again.
  • Swipe a pea size amount onto the back of your hand. This is sufficient for both eyes. Starting at the inside corner of the eye, sweep out in a smooth but firm motion using your finger. Do not dab. Ensure you cover the entire under eye area. Smooth the edges with a clean fingertip to remove any excess product.
  • If the product accidentally gets into your eye, rinse immediately with water.
  • Avoid facial movement for 2-3 minutes or until completely dry. As it begins to work you will feel a strong tingling sensation and a tightening. It is not pulling or stretching the skin and this sensation lasts for approximately 20 minutes (once set) and will disappear as it becomes flexible and moves with your skin.
  • If required apply moisturiser to the rest of the face and neck, avoiding the eye area. Applying moisturiser over the top of skinbunny under eye enhancer will diminish the affects.
  • You can now apply an OIL FREE foundation. Mineral based, cream to powder or mousse foundations are recommended.
  • To remove, soak 2 cotton pads with warm water and hold over the eyes to dissolve the product. Repeat if necessary. Do not rub or scratch it off. Do not use moisturisers, cleansers, make-up remover or wipes to remove.
I ordered this product after seeing a TV ad and was astounded with the results. It removed the wrinkles around my eyes instantly. I am so happy with the results that I will definitely be recommending to all my friends.
It arrived within 48 hours and is so simple to use, Thank you so much.
After using My Perfect Eyes for a few years I was somewhat saddened to hear it was being discontinued, but Diane introduced me to the new Skin Bunny version which I nervously tried, only to find it was amazing, better than the old version, I’ll definitely continue to use this product. Big shout to Diane x
These new skin bunny products really are amazing. I've tried the new eye gel. It really does what it says and pushes out those lines. The new face lift face mask really does give a lift and rejuvenates your skin. I can't wait to try the new day and night cream. These products are so affordable. Amazing products.
There are many, many products on the market all offering miracle results. I have tried many and seen no difference even in the long term. However the Facial Contour system and Under Eye treatment from SkinBunny delivers exactly what it promises. I am amazed at the results I see happen in front of my eyes.

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key benefits

Works in an instant to remove wrinkles, bags and dark circles from around the eye area

Clinically proven, 100% of participants in our study saw instant results with 100% reporting no irritation what so ever

You can use foundation, oil free please, over under eye enhancer

Guaranteed Risk FREE

Here at skinbunny we think that great skincare should be risk free so we offer a 30 day money back guarantee no questions asked. That way, by ordering any skinbunny skincare,  you have nothing to lose, but discover great, younger looking skin.